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Starter Packages

These are our starter packages. Not only are they afforable, each ones give you everything you need.


This is our basic package. It includes Black and White Decor…..


A step up on our Silver Package. One add-on is included. Choose from the Balloon Arch or Balloon Poles.


The purple package includes everything that is included in both the Silver and Gold Packages plus another add-on.

Decor Add-ons

What’s an event without decoration. We also offer the below add-ons.

Balloon Arch/Poles

A party isn’t a party without a center focus piece. It also doubles as a photoshoot area.

Custom Party Favors

Make your favors personal with this add-on.

Custom Colors

Black and White are classic colors but sometimes you just want something a little bolder. This add-on is for you.

In Services

There are so many in-house services available. Here are a few of the services that are available.


Get the party jumping with our resident DJ.


Our photographer has been in the business for many years and is very loved in the community for their work.


There’s no limit to the kind of food that will be provided by our Chef. He is THE TRUTH.

Client Favorites

Here are a few of our client favorites. We put love into all of the art that we create to give our events that perfect touch.

Balloon Arch

This client favorite is THE favorite add-on. Our beautiful arches are always the talk of the event.

Balloon Wall

A Balloon Wall is the perfect addition to your event. Whether you use it as a photo backdrop or center focus area for your main table, it is the perfect decor add-on.

Custom Party Favors

Make your favors personal with this add-on. Invitations, Menus, Place Settings, Candles and more can all be customized by us.

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